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3 Ways to maintain Meranti Garage Doors

The maintenance of your Meranti garage door isn’t something you think about often.  In fact, the subject probably only crosses your mind once your garage door malfunctions. Unfortunately, foregoing regular maintenance means that your investment depreciates more quickly, and either results in having to fork out for costly repairs or on replacing your garage doors entirely.

When dealing with Meranti garage doors, you should understand that the maintenance is in two parts; that is, maintaining the actual door, and maintaining the mechanism.

After installing your Meranti garage door, oil the surface three months after installation, after six months, then annually. Our wooden garage doors are made using Meranti wood and we use Silkwood to treat our doors. You can use any other penetrating oil, but stay clear of paint or varnish.

An automatic garage door can be a lifesaver: however if not properly maintained, can cause safety issues to you or your family. For this reason, the onus is on you to regularly inspect the door mechanism. It’s advised that you conduct the following exercises monthly:

  •  A visual inspection

With the garage door closed, inspect the following for wear and tear: the rollers, door springs, hinges and pulleys. If anything looks or sounds out of place, contact a reputable technician.

  •  A door balance test

Disconnect the automatic opener and lift the door. You should be able to lift it easily in one swift motion: and it should remain open without any additional support. If neither of these are the case, contact a technician to inspect it.

  •  A force setting test

Start with the garage door open. Using the remote control, close the door. As it closes, hold up the garage door with both hands using full force. The door should immediately, and easily reverse. If it doesn’t, contact a technician to service the door.

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