Ways to protect your Garage Door against heavy storms

High-speed winds during a severe storm exerts enormous amounts of pressure on your garage door. When a garage door experiences wind forces that are too high for it to handle, it will begin to buckle inwards. The edges of the garage door will pull away from your garage, creating a gap for wind to enter in, ripping your door entirely off of its track and exposing your garage to storm-force winds. This culminates in extensive water damage, or even, in some cases, your roof being blown off your home. Fortunately, you can prevent expensive repairs and extreme damage by storm proofing your garage door.


Are Industrial Roller Shutter Doors worth all the hype?

When looking for ways to beef up the security of your business, the array of security solutions on offer can be daunting. Our roller shutter doors can effectively alleviate this worry and improve the security of your commercial property. These types of doors are designed to protect and cover doors and windows. Unlike traditional shutters, industrial roller shutter doors roll up instead of fold and are composed of individual lath that form a strong barrier.


How to find a reputable Garage Door dealer

 When installing a new garage door, the first important step is to obtain recommendations from trusted friends or family members. With the technologically advanced world we live in today, you can also check online to find out more about the company, but eventually you should contact the company directly. You can learn about their level of skills and trustworthiness by asking certain questions. In this blog, well help you with what type of questions to ask.

Firstly, find out about the company


  • What is their history? Are they a new company? If so, what experience do their owners have?
  • Are they legal? They should have all necessary licenses and permits to work in your area
  • Do they have insurance? This is absolutely crucial and every legitimate company will be fully insured
  • Do they have a showroom where you can see and touch the products?
  • What brands do they use?


3 Ways to maintain Meranti Garage Doors

The maintenance of your Meranti garage door isn’t something you think about often.  In fact, the subject probably only crosses your mind once your garage door malfunctions. Unfortunately, foregoing regular maintenance means that your investment depreciates more quickly, and either results in having to fork out for costly repairs or on replacing your garage doors entirely.


When dealing with Meranti garage doors, you should understand that the maintenance is in two parts; that is, maintaining the actual door, and maintaining the mechanism.


After installing your Meranti garage door, oil the surface three months after installation, after six months, then annually. Our wooden garage doors are made using Meranti wood and we use Silkwood to treat our doors. You can use any other penetrating oil, but stay clear of paint or varnish.


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